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Filed Under: This site by Miloš Spasić Written on October 14th, 2011

My laptop - Toshiba Satellite A100-01QMaybe it sounds like a cliche, but every day I have so many obligations that I simply didn’t have the time to start writing on this site. So, what’s different today?! Well, today one bad thing happened to me…

My laptop simple died! I was working on important project, and suddenly it shuts down without any warning. It want turn on any more, so tomorrow I must take it to the computer repair service. You can’t imagine what kind of a shock for me is to deal with such stressful event. For me, my computer is way more than just an ordinary tool. I spend with it more then 10 ours every single day, in simple terms I am a geek and I love my computer.

A little off topic – my laptop is Toshiba Satellite A100-01Q.
You can download all drivers for Windows Vista and
Windows 7 32 bit / 64 bit on this link.

So, my laptop died and suddenly I have a free time, but I feel bad… It crossed my mind that I can try to feel better if I write something, so I decided to write the first blog post on this site. Some would say that I am crazy because I’m writing under these circumstances but I think that in every bad situation there is something good. So you see, by writing this post, I’m trying to make something good from today’s event.

OK, enough with the intro, let’s go to the essence of this post. I will going to use this site to write mainly about Web design, WordPress etc. From time to time, maybe I post something personal, but I will try not to be boring. So, if you want to follow my work or if you want to keep up with trends in web design or WordPress tips and tricks, this blog is the right place for you.

You are probably here because of my web development skills. You must keep in mind that sites that are on my Portfolio page are only the 5 chosen ones. I have made many more through the years of freelancing. But I didn’t want to choke you with the ton of content, you can see my skills just fine by looking at that five.

For future articles I plan a tons of interesting topics and tips from my web developing experience. So, stay tuned, we are just starting to have fun. Oh yes, perhaps you want to subcribe via RSS or email, for just in case. 😉

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